Sunday, May 10, 2009

Earring Day

Saturday was Earring Day. I went bead shopping followed by earring making. I had a gift I needed to make for one of my students, which was just the fire I needed to get started building an inventory of earrings to sell. This first pair are the ones for Drew. I bought an extra set of the beads because I thought the blue was so pretty.
These are rose quartz and Czech glass.
These are amethyst. The purple is such a nice light lavender and the cut catches the light so nicely.
I love the fan cut of this bead. It seemed so summery and pretty to me... perfect earrings for a white sleeveless dress and flip flops!
And, lastly my slightly imperfect pair... I'll sell these for cheap as one of the beads on the top is flat and the other is round. Quite honestly, no one would ever know but the owner but I don't feel it is appropriate to charge full amount.
It was so nice to dig out the pliers and play with wire again! The sun being out for my little photo shoot was a lovely little bonus too.

(I'm sure Amy will appreciate my "stolen" paint chips as backdrops... perfect for the earrings!)

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Jane said...

They are lovely.