Friday, May 15, 2009

Number 4

I had to buy a little more fabric for the quilt the other day. (Did you note I said had to buy? He he...I love having an excuse to buy fabric.) I was at JoAnn's anyway picking up thread and a few other things. So, I picked up quarter yards of four of the fabrics and a 1/2 yard of another. And, I got another yard of fabric - not pictured - in the mail. So it has been an excellent week fabric wise.

I also finished quilt square #4. I'm plugging along, having a good time determining what fabrics I like together as I go. I love the summer... I feel like I have more time to really embrace my creative side!

And now, off to do a bit of knitting!! How's your crafting going?


Anonymous said...

A pink ELEPHANT! I love it.

Jane said...

What a fantastic quilt.

Maria Rose said...

I have been very busy with my garden, but today I think I am going to craft indoors.
PS Drop me a line and we can chat about the possibility of making the pom pom rugs for a class this summer.

Iron Needles said...

Really like the way you are putting together the material/patterns.

For myself, I am back to quilting after finishing the baby alpaca spinning, and my sister and I got the third quilt cut out while she was here this past weekend!