Friday, May 22, 2009

I'll Take a Hot Dog Please!

This week has involved reading a lot of dense materials. I'm reading Home Buying for Dummies right now in an effort to provide me with the information I might need in order to buy a place down the road. I'm learning all sorts of things. The sheer amount of things to remember is A LOT. I've also been studying on and off for the GREs, in case I should decide to make a go of the test this summer and think about applying to go back to school (part time). I've learned just how much of my math I've forgotten. When the description of why the answer to a question is the answer doesn't make sense to you, you know you're in trouble!

Luckily, I have been able to crave out a little sewing time too. I finished two additional quilt blocks, bringing the total up to 10 (1/3 of the way there!).
I'm happier with the ninth (above) than the tenth. I think I was thinking of a lot of other things while working on ten. Plus, I broke two pins in the process... I took it as a sign to stop sewing for the night!

This weekend is filling up. Tomorrow, a number of neighbors in my complex are planning (very spur of the moment, might not happen) a BBQ. If it does happen, it is sure to be fun. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by lots of wonderful people.

Sunday is Ikea (yay!) and DSW with my friend Katie. And, perhaps a little picnic in Fairmount Park if the weather cooperates. Monday is another BBQ (because there are never enough!).

I just adore long weekends!


Maria Rose said...

Oh the GREs, don't remind me. Not a lot of fun, because studying for them is as much fun as...well who am I kidding it sucks. The bliss when it's over is worth it! Good luck.

Tinniegirl said...

You've got a great weekend planned. I hope you have a ball. I love long weekends.

Very excited to hear you talking about purchasing a house. That's big news. As is going back to study. It all seems to be happening in your world.

Jane said...

Have a lovely weekend.