Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Only Wednesday But...

I'm seriously excited for the long weekend coming up. I have lots of little fun plans...
  • Make at least 4 quilt blocks. Probably more!
  • Visit Ikea for frames. Don't buy too much more.
  • Read. I'm working on a book, not for fun but for knowledge, right now. I need to get through more of it!
  • Visit with my friend Katie.
  • Enjoy the sunny, gorgeous weather we are supposed to have.
  • Relax and drink lemonade.
  • Marvel at my luck and life.
I can hardly wait!


Tinniegirl said...

It does sound like a fun weekend. Have fun.

Jane said...

Sounds wonderful - I wish you a happy holiday.

Maria Rose said...

Man Ikea is such a trap. I don't have a store near where I live, but I get sucked into their website. Good luck to you.