Friday, May 8, 2009

Love for the Mail Carrier

This Saturday, the postal carriers in the United States are collecting non-perishable food for donation to food pantries. It truly is one of my favorite things. I think the fact that they work together to collect from people all across the country is fantastic. I put together a bag of food last night by raiding my cupboards. I think I might hit up the grocery store today too so I can add a few more goods. After I put this bag together last night, I thought about how wonderful it is that they are committed to doing this, even when the USPS income in faltering. And, I decided to channel Maria a little and be a bit of a Kindness Bandit. So I wrote a little note for inclusion. I figured even if my mail carrier didn't get the note, someone within the postal system would. And, they'd know they were appreciated!

If you are in the US, don't forget to leave some non-perishables for your mailman (or woman) tomorrow!


Jane said...

what a lovely idea

Rose said...

you are so kind. have a great weekend!