Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slow Mo or Fast Forward: I Can't Tell

I feel as though my life is in slow motion and fast forward lately. It's weird, both at the same time. There is so much going on... the thought about potentially becoming a home owner and all that comes with that, lots of little crafting and opening the Etsy store, fun times with friends, wrapping up the school year and saying good-bye to some amazing students, the random joys of May including my birthday and studying for the GREs (although not nearly as much as I should be!). The slow motion on the other hand, is kind of nice. I just want to sit back and enjoy life. I like the quiet of being alone and just taking care of myself (and Rosy of course). The hushed hum of summer.... that speaks of relaxation and joy to me.
It reminds me of this song. Should I rush or should I slow down?

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Jacqui said...

beautiful work happening with your quilt! Happy belated Birthday too - sometimes you just have to have fabric, there is no question about it!