Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Camp Earring Lesson #2

Today is one of those sunny, warm-but-not-too-warm summer days that is just about perfect. I can't help but smile - at the new neighbors excitedly unpacking across the way, the person whistling on their walk and the bird sitting on the ledge outside my window mere feet from the computer keyboard. I hope your Sunday is just as beautiful.

On to Beaded Earring Lesson #2....
Holding the post with the needle nose pliers, bend it away from you. When it is at a 90 degree angle, switch to the round nose pliers and bend the post all the way around.

Slip the hook onto the post and into the circle you just formed.

Holding the circle with the needle nose pliers, wrap the "extra" bit of post around the post under the loop but above the beads. Wrap it two to three times depending on space.

Using the wire cutters, trim the extra post off as close as possible to the wraps. Be careful not to cut post or hoop in any way. Switch back to the needle nose pliers and push the new edge of the post in.

You have one earring complete! Repeat this with the materials for earring #2. Then, wear your new earrings with pride.

(Yeah, I need a camera with a marco lens. Sorry for the blurry photos!)

Come back for a Summer Camp giveaway soon!!

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Maria Rose said...

Thanks for the lesson.