Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Camp Earring Lesson #1

Lesson number one is the tools needed for beaded earring construction.
First off, it is beneficial to have a mat of some kind to keep things from rolling around. I used a placemat here. In the photo, you will see all of the tools I use. The pliers on the left on needle nose pliers. If you have a tool box, you can probably use the ones you have in there. After using mine for a while, I purchased some specifically for jewelry. The next ones over are wire cutters that allow a super close cut. This is important and worth the approximately $30. And, on the right are round nose pliers. Round nose pliers allow you to get a nice loop on the top of your earrings. Below the pliers are the silver posts, earring hooks and beads. I picked out two different kinds of beads that I liked together. You often need to try a number of combinations to determine what you like (or what might be good for the gift receiptant if you are giving them away). Happy bead picking!

Lesson number two will focus on beginning construction. Hope to see you back here!

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leah said...

This looks like a fun series!