Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things That Keep Me Off the Streets

And another month comes to a close... it seems as though the summer is flying by. I've been home most of the month of June and have enjoyed having the opportunity to poke around at home with not too much of a time line. July offers a few more travels, starting with an upcoming vacation to Buffalo to see my mom and some others. I can hardly wait for the friends and foods that await me. In anticipation, I whipped up these placemats for my mom's table on the porch. They are a wee wonky since I didn't use a pattern to cut the fabric or batting. But, I'm pretty sure she'll love 'em!

And, I've decided to hold a summer vacation contest. Details are upcoming. Plan on sharing a little about what constitutes your favorite summer vacation. And yes, I will ship internationally. The prizes are pictured on the left... three hanks of Cotton Classic in pink or the earrings I made for Summer Camp. Check back later this week for a contest post.


leah said...

Your mom will love those! She would be crazy if she didn't!

Anonymous said...

The bee fabric is adorable.

I know your Mom will just love them.

Maria Rose said...

I love the place mats, the color is perfect and summery.

Robin said...

The place mats are too adorable, and that contest sounds wonderful I can't wait to give it a go.


Kathleen Taylor said...

The placemats are adorable, and they don't look at all wonky to me.