Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jack Handy has Nothing on Me Today...

Disclaimer: This is not at all craft related....nor has it been edited. Hope you like stream of consciousness.

Last night, I got a late night call from a friend who has a family member fighting a disease. The family member needed to go to the hospital. Being far away from where this family member lives is difficult for my friend. After we got off the phone, I thought quite a bit about how precious life is and other health trials being experienced by those around me. I have a family member who struggles with diabetes. Lately, her sugars have been a bit out of wack. This coupled with other health problems she's had over the years gives me cause of slight worry. Although I'm not physically close by I know a lot of other family members are. My help for this loved one is prayer. I have a friend who has recently overcome breast cancer. She's a real trooper let me tell you. She's a great fighter and is definitely winning. And, I believe, is doing a good job of mentally taking care of herself in the process. I have another friend who just had a family member have brain surgery to take out a (luckily benign) tumor. The patient is in recovery now and the outlook is good.

Being surrounded by so many health issues helps me to take stock in my own blessings and also in my faith in some sort of plan. So much of what is going on seems unfair or depressing. But, I really do believe that there is a reason or mission behind some of this suffering. Perhaps we only learn the lesson being given years from now. Perhaps we never truly recognize it. But I believe all of these challenges impart something on our souls, our minds, our lives. Although I'm not an overly religious person, I take great comfort in being able to pray for those in need. Often, it is one of the few things I can do.


Maria Rose said...

You know it's always amazing to me how we can take our own health for granted, when it is really the foundation for almost every single thing we do with our lives.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I was worrying about carrying a few extra pounds until I read your post. Thanks for reminding me about what is precious.