Monday, July 20, 2009

Necklace Inspiration

I have had it in my head to make a wind chime with a circle foam wreath, fabric, ribbon and a bunch of skeleton keys. My stepfather had a large collection of skeleton keys for some reason and I knew my mom wouldn't mind my raiding the basement stash when I was in Buffalo. We went through the stash, picking out the ones that were not broken and in decent condition. Altogether, I picked out about 20.

Then, on the flight to Indianapolis, I saw this magazine page. I was immediately intrigued by the Tiffany skeleton key necklace. Really, I could make something similar for about $20 - much cheaper than Tiffany! A little steel wool and my key looked necklace ready. I haven't bought chain yet so it's on an old necklace for now. But I think this will end up a well loved piece in my jewelry wardrobe. And, I think I make make a few additional ones for Etsy. Think they will sell?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely think they would sell, especially if you comment about being similar to a Tiffany piece.

What a good idea.

Maria Rose said...

I made a mobile out of old keys and I love it. I imagine a necklace would be beautiful.