Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Red Tomato and Green Zucchini = Deliciousness

Oh, look what my colleague brought me today.... a bunch of tomatoes from her garden!! I decided since I need to make ziti soon that a batch of pasta sauce was in order tonight. If you've been reading since last summer, you know I love to make my own sauce.

A trip to the grocery store yielded mushrooms, ground turkey, onion, tomato pasta, tomato sauce and my own secret ingredient, zucchini. I've taken to shredding it in pasta sauce so that you barely even know it is there but that it adds to the nutritional value.

As the compilation of ingredients simmered, I kept taking my spoon and dipping it in - the sauce is definitely the best I've ever made! I have no idea of how much of everything is in it but I know I will certainly enjoy eating it. No pasta tonight and none tomorrow (I'm going to see Harry Potter tomorrow and eating out) but definitely this week.... yum!


Kara said...

Delish! Enjoy Harry Potter!

Maria Rose said...

Yum. I love sneaking loads of extra veggies into everything!