Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Sunday Hike

Have I told you I live two blocks from a nice, rather big (for a city) wooded area? I love it immensely.

Rosy and I went for a hike there today. We took the longest route we could to stay in the woods as long as possible. The sun through the trees dabbled on the floor, giving cool moments in shade mixed with the warmth of the day. The smells left behind by other dogs and various woodland creatures captivated Rosy's little nose as we meandered along. A walk in the creek was was an extra sniff at that crayfish (no noses were hurt in the taking of these pictures).

A lovely little outing with my favorite little dog... life is good.


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Those pictures are lovely. We live near some pinewoods and I love taking my dog, Harvey, with me.

Anonymous said...

In the first picture it looks like Rosy wants you to hurry up!!! LOL

Maria Rose said...

She looks like a tentative wader. Bumblebee is too!

Sher said...

Nothing better to unwind than a nice quiet walk in the woods.