Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunsets, Clouds and Michael Phelps

Rosy and I have made it a tradition to stop at a rest area every time we drive to Buffalo. I take a picture each time, since it is typically a different season than the time before. I like the comparison. The picture at left shows the rolling hills of NYS on a sunny day. I love the fact that the clouds on top are lighter and the clouds on the bottom on fluffy and gorgeous. It was truly an extraordinary day for a drive.

Last year, I got a Sunkist Oranges sign at the flea market. I knew immiediately upon seeing it that it fit my kitchen perfectly. And, that it would look nice with a couple of unframed flea market purchases from past years. My mom was nice enough to frame a Keuka Lake label I got a couple of years ago. She gave me it when I was there. I love how they look together! Now, I just need to get my 1954 Jello ad framed....

Oh, and I haven't told you that Michael Phelps stayed in my hotel while I was in Indianapolis for a conference. He was in town for some swim meet. I never saw him although I know a bunch of people who saw him in the mall's food court. I did kinnear his mama when she was in the hotel gift shop. (See, there she is purchasing gum or something.) She was there doing a book signing as well as attending the swim meet. Thank goodness for the iPhone camera!

And I'd be remiss for not sharing a little about my Fourth of July. I spent the entire day with Rosy and my mom. There was a great game of fetch in the backyard with a squeaky tennis ball. There was a short trip to Kohl's. There were kabobs, grilled corn and Caprese salad. And there were fireworks over the Niagara River. With ice cream! We were able to watch a lovely sunset and some quality people watching. All in all, a great day!

My contest will end tonight... I'll be back with a posting of winners later today.


Anonymous said...

Love the SunKist sign. I really like those old ad signs and labels.

I'd love to live in an old farmhouse (like my sister's) and decorate in a 50's theme.

Kara said...

Have to admit that I have a crush on that Phelps boy. Maybe it's because he is so tall. I probably would have stalked the lobby.