Monday, July 6, 2009

A Vacation Staycation at my Mom's

Right now, I'm vacationing in Buffalo, NY visiting my mother, other family and friends. It's so wonderful to come home again. I've been enjoying the things that make summer in Buffalo wonderful.... the Niagara River, the flea market, golfing on a nice but not too hot day, sponge candy, roast beef from Anderson's and quiet walks in my mom's neighborhood. Truly, it's that gloriously exhausting type of relaxation. Few things are better.

What makes a vacation wonderful, delightful and amazing for you? What vacation stands out in your mind among the best? Give me a little glimpse of why it was so outstanding.... I'll pick the best little story and award one of these prizes: 3 hanks of pink Cotton Classic or the beaded earrings for the Summer Camp posts (both seen at left). Tell me which you'd prefer. Wanna earn an extra entry? Blog about the contest and come back and let me know. Two people will win and I will ship internationally.

Can't wait to hear your stories!


carlita dee said...

Such cute earrings. Sponge candy? Sounds long-lasting and tasty!

Iron Needles said...

Love the look of the yarn.

Best vacation ever? I have two. One was the trip to Europe my sister and I took with the eldest daughter's high school senior class. We were 'hangers ons, with no responsibilities, except to keep ourselves out of trouble. 4 countries in 9 days, including travel. and my sister, together, in Europe!

The other...anytime I am in Yellowstone. Anytime! Pretty much nothing beats that sense of peace that overwhelms me there. May not happen for everyone, but it surely does for me.

Enjoy the time with your mom. I am sure she is!

leah said...

Best vacation....since I often travel with work I get to sightsee a little, but that just doesn't cut it for a vacation. To me the best vacation is a day at home just being....doing whatever I want....knitting in pj's all day, watching favorite movies....ordering take out...taking a nap! Those are the best days ever and count oh so much for a vacation! Lovely yarn by the way!

Maria Rose said...

What makes a vacation wonderful?
I like a vacation that doesn't have a particular agenda, just loose goals.

Which vacation was the best?
I would have to say that the choose your own adventure vacation I planned for Eric and I was the best. I modeled it after the choose your own adventure books. We never knew where we'd end up at the end of a day. Eventually we found ourselves on the Oregon coast at sunset. I will remember that forever.

Sher said...

For me a best vacation is a relaxing one. Being treated like royalty etc.

Love cruises exactly for that reason. But one time we were in the Caribbean and we took an excursion in St Maartin on a semi private sailing yacht. We dropped anchor and floated in the crystal clear water. They served us rum in the water and a lovely meal on the boat. Then we raced an incoming storm back to the cruise ship. Relaxing and exhilarating the perfect combination.

Just love your earrings. Beautiful work!