Friday, August 14, 2009

I've Got It Bad

I think I've caught the quilting bug. I got a bag of scraps in the mail from Amber. This morning I found all of the ones that were rectangular and cut them to the same length for a coin quilt. And, then I HAD to sew them together. I have run out of pre-cut scraps now and am off to shower and drop the dog off at the sitters. You know, because I can't just sew all morning when I'm supposed to be leaving town this afternoon. (I'm going to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware this weekend. YAY!) But really I wanna sew!! I'm already envisioning the rest of the scraps for this little baby quilt. Now, to determine who it is for.


Laura said...

Nice scraps! This is how I am now with quilting. As soon as I start one I have an idea for the next one! My crochet is suffering baaaddd.

Iron Needles said...

Pretty colors. I have to get on the next grandbebe quilt. Like NOW!

I can't believe it's mid-August, but it's been a good year for learning, and trying to experience the moment. Not always successfully. Old habits die hard.