Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh Shakespeare....

Last night, I went to Shakespeare in Clark Park with two friends. Saturday was a gloriously sunny day, perfect for a picnic and a show. The show was scheduled to begin at 7 PM, so we arrived coolers in tow, at about 6:30. The place was packed, although we still managed to get excellent seats. The park is set up like a bowl, with the performance in the bottom middle. We got to sit right about on the lip of the bowl, perfect for viewing.

We each brought our own sandwiches. Robyn brought chips and Dorthe brought a dessert of berries and Cool-Whip. Nothing is as delicious as a picnic, especially when you are with such fun company!

The performance was of The Comedy of Errors. The sound quality was wonderful, the actors hilarious and and the overall atmosphere just so fun. The Countess has an absolute giggle inducing dance, similar to Elaine's on Seinfeld. The whole production was well done.

Really, it was just a perfect evening... especially since we all remembered bud spray and left without a bite.

What did you do yesterday?

ETA: I forgot to mention that before the show started, I saw a man standing not too far away from us wearing an Allentown Art Festival shirt. Allentown is a section of Buffalo that holds a well known festival every year. Being the person I am, of course I got right up and walked, sans flip flops over to him. Turns out he is from the Town of Tonawanda - same town as me! We talked intersections and then I let him go on his way. Yay for the Buffaloians!


Amanda said...

sounds like a fun venue! and i heart the pic of you - quite cute :-)

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Glad you had a great weekend. I agree, the photo of you is lovely. You look so serene.

Kara said...

Oh fun! I am planning on seeing that play when I go to the Utah Shakespeare festival. I do love Shakespeare in the park!