Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking Forward

Ahh, how I love a weekend with nothing too big on the agenda. I'm a ISFJ on the Myers-Briggs which means, in large part, I recharge by spending time alone. Hopefully this weekend can help in that recharging slightly while still giving me some good time with friends!

Anyway, I'm hoping to accomplish a lot:
  • JoAnn's trip to hopefully pick out fabric and trim for the Ugly Orange Chair. I might also pick up a pillow form for the quilted cover I started making...
  • Lowe's for goggles (lots of staples to pull out on that chair) and paint
  • Target for odds and ends, including perhaps a new curtain rod for my bedroom (I'm really into nesting right now for some reason)
  • Quality sewing time
  • Brunch with a friend and her mama!
  • Exercise, hopefully to include a long walk with Rosy in the woods
  • Rosy's grooming appointment - I can't wait for an unshaggy, clean puppy!
  • Baby gift knitting perhaps?
  • Relaxation
What are you doing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING pressing on the agenda this weekend.

Lots of time for knitting, cross stitching and maybe, just maybe a bit of cooking.

Jenaveve said...

Hey, glad to stop by your blog. There's a lot to see here!

I recall doing the Myers Briggs about 10 years ago and cannot for the life of me remember what the result was. Interesting about the needing time alone - I hear you on that. May have to try this one again sometime...

Love this image - and would love even moreso to be in it!