Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh Weekend!

Fridays, oh Fridays. You beckon the weekend like a lighthouse calling a ship home. I just love the weekend. This weekend I plan to:

- spend some quality time with my sewing machine
- make a trip to JoAnn's
- visit the farmer's market
- go to the NJ Fresh Food and Wine Festival
- workout
- a hint of knitting
- figure out baby gifts
- make a caprese salad (yum)
- take Rosy for a long walk

What are you planning to do?


Amanda said...

I wish weekends came more often and sooner :-) all that's on the list so far is checking out the farmers market and drinks with friends one night... can't wait to figure out what else to do or to just be lazy!

Maria Rose said...

We have company coming this weekend!

Have fun at the festival and with all of your plans. It sounds like a very busy weekend.