Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Baby Gift Started

My friend Wendi is having her second daughter in December. She's a good mom and I'm excited about another little one in her family. When she had her first daughter, we were not as close of friends as we are now. I really love how our friendship has grown even though she lives far away. Ever since she announced her pregnancy, I knew I wanted to do something fun and different for this little girl. I've turned project ideas over and over in my mind. And then I finally settled on something. This weekend I worked a scrappy quilted stroller blanket for her.
I've already made a bib and bought a t-shirt that says "no one puts Baby in the corner." I think this blanket will compliment everything else nicely. Right now, it is completely comprised of fabric scraps and I'm loving how they all fit together. It will be sashed in a bright pink, with a khaki back and lighter pink binding. I think she'll like it a lot! And, it was a fun little project for my Sunday afternoon.


Maria Rose said...

Oh wow, that is so beautiful! I love your fabric combos. I must tell you that Eric and I admire the quilt you made for us every single day. We love it as I am sure your friend will love this one. Also, the t-shirt is hilarious!

Iron Needles said...

The apple pear sauce looks so tasty!

I like how the quilt is coming together. Can't wait to see what it looks like. For me that's the thing about quilts. I don't really start with a complete plan. Some do, but I don't so much. It's amazing they go as well as they do.