Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blissful Saturday

This has been a fruitful day! First thing this morning, I popped over to the garage sales my neighbors were having. They were advertising vintage fabrics so you know I was a goner. No luck however, I didn't find anything I wanted.

Upon returning from that little walk, I finished the back cushion of the chair. I just have the seat cushion now and the whole thing will be complete! It is really coming together and I'm feeling so happy.

I also cooked this pasta/chili recipe of my mom's. I ate a bit for lunch, put one serving in the fridge and stuck two in the freezer. I've started stockpiling fall/winter foods. Soon the freezer will be filled with pasta sauce, ziti, chili mac ole, muffins, and other delightful carb-o-licious treats. Then, I baked tons of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Half of those went in the freezer too, in bags of six, to stay fresh.

Rosy and I went on a walk in the woods, complete with a nice walk through the creek (for her). Oh, the smells were out in full force today - she has a great time. Sadly, the mosquitoes were also out in force! I have a number of fresh bites. They love me so much it had me wondering if Edward would be able to tolerate the smell of my blood....

And, so my Saturday goes.... how about you?

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Anonymous said...

It was a very stitchy day --- I spent most of the day on the sofa, watching football and stitching on a new project that should be done tomorrow.

Hit the Joann's for a piece of fabric. I'm going to try some sewing.

Didn't do any exercise outside. Too hot. Too humid!