Friday, September 18, 2009

Jonesing for Fabric

It's so fall like I've been thinking about tweed and wool and the need to sew a fall dress. I looked around briefly at Vogue Patterns today but didn't find anything too exciting. My weekend might involve some heavy duty looking around. Because the desire for clothing sewing is there..... especially since this week of fall dressing made me feel like my wardrobe has holes that need to be filled. This weekend will require an evaluation of that feeling.

I'm also kind of jonesing to make a baby boy quilt. I was looking at fabric online and have a bit of a cart full. And, then I bought some reclaimed sheets on Etsy. All blues. I'm seeing a coin quilt or something there. Oh, I can't wait for those to come in the mail.

And, I've been thinking about a table runner. Seriously the sewing mojo is there big time! Ahh, to be untethered from work for the day so I could get started!


Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to tackle some sewing.

I had a pillow finished by a woman my needlework shop recommended. The simple pillow was $88.00!

If you can take on upholstery. I can certainly tackle a simple pillow!

Maria Rose said...

Good luck. I have been itching to sew myself some new clothes, but I really need to wait and see what size I am when I am not pregnant.