Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quilting Bee Anyone?

Does anyone else see those online quilting bees and want to do it but also get totally intimidated? I always think they seem totally cool but feel like a bit of an amateur quilter still. So..... I've been thinking about organizing an amateur quilting bee. I'm not sure if it should be a baby quilt or blocks. What do ya think? Would anyone be interested?


Maria Rose said...

I am interested, but I probably shouldn't take on any new projects until things settle down with baby!

Laura said...

I like the idea. Baby quilt is my vote! I, too, feel like an amateur. I like what I make for me...but that's just it. It's for me. No worries about actually presenting it to someone.

Aimee said...

OH:(I would love to join but I don't know how to quilt yet..maybe another time;)