Thursday, October 15, 2009

Best Dilemma: More Quilting or Just Binding?

Last night, I did a spot of quilting on the baby boy quilt. I'm trying to decide if I want to quilt it a bit more or just add the binding. Right now, it is simple straight lines framing the coin columns. I put it aside so I would have a bit of time to think about it before committing to one path or the other. Good news is I'm totally loving it. This won't be my Craft Hope quilt but something for the Etsy shop. (Speaking of the shop, I'm having a bit of a sale.) Now, I get to start thinking about my next two quilting projects - which I plan to work on simultaneously. One of the Craft Hope quilt and the other is the quilt for my friend's Christmas gift. Such fun!

I will say, with all of this quilting, my knitting is suffering. I really shouldn't blame the quilting... it's not fair. It is also the minor carpel tunnel that I don't want to become worse. (Although that doesn't deter my solitaire playing on the iPhone!) I do need to start knitting again. And, identify a great looking mitten pattern for my friend who needs a pair. I was inspired last night to frog a scarf I was working on and make it into an infinity scarf instead.... but I had just painted my nails and frogging wasn't an option. Maybe tonight?

How have you been craft cross training lately?

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Iron Needles said...

Spinning like crazy, and this weekend, travel knitting!