Monday, October 12, 2009

Lazy Day

I had off today after working on Saturday and Sunday. The luxury of a day off when most others are working is truly lovely. I woke up late, took Rosy out to see some doggie friends, lazied around waiting for the cable guy, finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, worked on the back of the baby boy quilt, mailed my old computer to a friend who is buying it, ran into the grocery store after charming the cart guy in the parking lot, went for another walk with Rosy and cooked artichoke ravioli (with homemade pasta sauce) for dinner. Now, it's all about relaxing with a glass of wine... and maybe a little sewing for good measure. This was just about a perfect day of rest.


Virginia said...

Sounds lovely! I worked today, but most everybody else in my office was off, so it was quiet. Much needed quiet.

Laurel said...

Do you own the new Dan Brown... and if so can I borrow it this weekend? Can't wait for our winery reunion :)

lily40au said...

What a brilliant day ... I love having the day off when others are working. It's just feels even more enjoyable to know I have the day off when I would normally be working.