Monday, October 5, 2009

Nesting Away

I've really been into nesting lately. I'm not quite sure why but I keep thinking of new things to do to add to the homey-ness of my home. Perhaps it is the impending winter, knowing I will be spending more time in my home. Right now, I'm contemplating stenciling a 15 by 15 inch design sporadically on one wall of my bedroom. I feel it could use a little something to make it warmer and jazz up the white wall. I also bought polka dot fabric to use for a wall hanging in my living room. I need a little warmth over my couch. I have a number of other items - print box, mirror, and picture - that I'd like to hang there but it needs a bigger item to anchor everything. And, I'm searching for the next big project now that the chair is completed.

Anyone else nesting right now?

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