Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Splashes of Happiness

I bought myself flowers to celebrate... well, me I guess. I needed a splash of brightness in my living room. Ahh, happiness.

And, I worked on the baby boy quilt top yesterday (joy of flex time = accomplishment). It's now complete! I'm loving the way it came together, different textures and colors complimenting each other nicely. Now, on to the back of the quilt. I haven't fully thought out what I'm going to do there, although I'm hoping to use a bunch of the fabrics from the front again.

What's creating happiness in your life?


Maria Rose said...

I love buying flowers for myself. I always do it on the darkest winter days.

Today my daughter is bringing me happiness.

Anonymous said...

Concord grapes --- I bought a package at the store today. They have a wonderful dusty purple color. They smell so sweetly and I know after dinner they will make a tasty dessert. That's what is bringing me happiness today.

Your flowers are such a pretty pink.