Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Bit Back

Tonight, I came home from work after what felt like a long day but was really no longer than normal. Rosy and I went for our walk even though I felt like just taking off my work clothes, slipping into my pjs and relaxing. She needs regular walks and it is good for me. These are the things I tell myself in order to go on the walk. I watched a bit of the news of the day and made a grilled cheese for dinner (with the last bit of the apple pear sauce). And, now I sit on the couch reading through other people's days via blog posts. Resting. Grateful for the life I've been given, even when it is so busy I forgot midway through the day what blessing I've been granted. Life is good. So is my couch, which will be cradling me for the remainder of the evening. Happy Thursday folks!


Iron Needles said...

And a happy Friday and almost weekend to you!

Maria Rose said...

Happy Saturday. I hope all is wonderful for you!