Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday

It's another Gratitude Wednesday, and just one day before the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. This week, I am grateful for so much....

spending time with my mother for the holiday
the ability to provide a home for myself
my creativity
my headaches being slightly more manageable than they were
the little love seat in my office... for afternoons when the headache catches up with me
the ability to put good food on the table
excellent neighbors, including Brooke who brought me soup when I was under the weather
the love in my life
hand lotion, as it gets colder and my hands feel dry (simple but wonderful!)
the ability to laugh at even the smallest of things
life, the verb.

What are you celebrating today?


carlita dee said...

Love Gratitude Wednesday! Your number two and three top my list as well. :)

I will add, my new Kenmore sewing machine that I bought today at Value Village for 26 bucks. Whoo-hoo! (Let's, um, hope it actually works, though. LOL.)

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

Happy Thanksgiving Stacy. I hope you have a wonderful time with people you love.

Sorry to read that the headaches are still causing you problems.

Today I am thankful for renewed energy for big creative ideas.