Tuesday, November 17, 2009

T-shirt Quilt

I'm hoping to take this pile home, along with a few other shirts, and make a small-ish t-shirt quilt for one of the students I've worked with for two years. I think it would be meaningful to her and relatively speaking, an easy gift. I'm waiting on a few other shirts but hoping I can use the winter break time off to get a start on this. She's done with her office at the end of January. Although the quilt most likely won't be done then, it would be nice to have made a good start of it....

See, my brain is thinking creatively even if my hands are not!

1 comment:

madalyn said...

The t-shirt quilt I made for myself is awesome! It did take me longer to make it than I had planned -- but that could have just been lack of motivation on my part. :)