Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goal Setting, Goal Accomplishing?

Last year, towards the end of December, I set goals for 2009. Today, I was wondering how I did with those goals. My goals were:
  • Make another quilt. Done and done! I've made two baby quilts and a bunch of other quilted items.
  • Eat more veggies. Pretty good. I've have to change this into fruit/veggies but overall I've been doing decent.
  • Save about $250/month to put towards a new computer as my little Mac is getting older. Saving was so so what with A LOT of car repairs but I did manage to get a new computer. More saving in 2010? Yes please!
  • Refinish a piece of furniture. Although not my intention, I think the chair I reupholstered qualifies for this one. I'm thinking refinishing some kitchen chairs will be on the docket for 2010.
  • Continue dating and don't get discouraged. I've been doing a bit of match.com dating - some good, some bad. But, at least, I'm out there!
  • Volunteer more locally. This is so so... I've done a bit of legwork but haven't found the right volunteer opportunity for me yet.
This has me thinking about goals for 2010. What should I take on? And, what should be my theme?


Maria Rose said...

Sounds like you've done very well this year. I love that you have a theme for the year to come! Also,one of your beautiful quilts is actually in use on my blog today.

Anonymous said...
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The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Well done on accompishing your goals. They were such a varied and balanced set of goals too.
As for a theme I think it should be love.
Goals that involve doing something you truly love. (Your crafts)
Goals that involve loving yourself. (Taking care of yourself)Golas that involve spending time with those you love).
Goals that involving sharing love with the community (voluntary work).
And who knows the romantic love may find its way to you too.
Good Luck.