Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Evil Mistress

Oh knitting.... you horrible, horrible tease of a craft. I was working on an infinity scarf with this gray yarn I got on sale about a year ago. I liked the pattern and loved having your needles back in my hands. You tempted me with the feel of alpaca and Addi Turbos. And I knit the whole thing. And I hated it. The scarf rolled into itself. It just wasn't pretty. And so knitting, I frogged the project. Now we're back to a ball of yarn. I' m thinking about another infinity scarf. Please, knitting, be nicer this go round.

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Iron Needles said...

The thing about knitting, though, is that often it is very forgiving. Like this time, it's a re-do! Not wasted. Skills gained, material not lost/wasted, win-win!