Friday, January 1, 2010

Kicking Off '10 Right

Surround Yourself in Love. That's what 2010 is all about. What will this first day bring me to love, enjoy and inspire? We started the day by sleeping in, a cool morning walk with Rosy and a spot of knitting. My fridge is stocked with food from my dinner party last night and a pot of chili is simmering on the stove. Rosy is dreaming a little dream in the next room. I can hear those tiny sleeping barks that always make me smile. Life is good. I can't help but smile at my fortune.

What are you loving today?


Anonymous said...

Flyers/Bruins hockey, a brand new gym, and DH cooking supper! I'm lovin' not having to cook tonight.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Sounds lovely.
I wish you a wonderful 2010 and good luck with the goals!

carlita dee said...

I'm loving my impromptu visit to Los Angeles. Starting the year surrounded by people I love is indescribably wonderful.

Thank you for the wonderful post. I felt like I was basking in the warmth and comfort with you!