Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Mid-Week Gift

Today I had a snow day from work. What a lovely mid-week gift! I have managed to accomplish so much... some cleaning, some crafting, a walk in the neighborhood with Rosy, some curriculum development for an upcoming conference, and some work.

After stocking my fridge on Monday is anticipation of this storm, I am eating well. I had made a pot of chili on Monday night so I had a bowl of that earlier. It's so good, it might be dinner too!

If only I could work from home tomorrow too!


Maria Rose said...

Fun! Enjoy a nice warm night at home.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I know dealing with all the snow must be a pain, but it sure is pretty!

Maybe you'll get another day off. I hear more snow is predicted.

Christine said...

Happy snow day!! :) Christine