Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I’m been thinking lately about how I have been living this year’s theme of “Leap.” To some degree, I think a number of my actions have been leaps. I’ve been more honest with others , and myself to a degree, than I have in the past. I say what I’m thinking more. I don’t fret about offending as much as I’ve done in the past.

Doing Unravelling has been part of that leap, as I'm exploring myself through the class. Self-exploration is a powerful thing. I think providing myself with this opportunity, this growth is going to help me clarify my dreams and find new ways to love myself.

Now that I’m re-engaged, I think I’ve been leaping somewhat in my crafting. I’ve taken on bigger projects than in the past. I create my own designs, both through sketch and in my head before beginning. I would like to be bolder and more adventurous as I move forward through the rest of 2010. Work with new colors. Take on bigger projects.

I’ve been trying to leap in my dating life. I’ve been more open minded, more willing to see people through less of a lens. I’ve engaged more people when I’m out and about. I’ve also started regularly asking God for help in finding my life partner.

I have been remiss in leaping at work. It seems as though I’ve continued to follow the same path, slightly more worn than it was a few short years ago. I think an honest to goodness leap would be so potent to altering my energy. It’s defining what is a beneficial leap that I need to focus on. What will give me positive change and a positive charge?

I’d also like to leap by spending more time doing photography. I’m contemplating taking a photography class as work. I think I could be really proud of my work and I’d like to explore that talent. How can I make that a bigger part of who I am during the rest of this year?

Leap is about striking out, trying new things and realizing my worth over and over again. And, I am worthy. Of so much. I want to ensure I’m exploring my talents. Engaging my creative brain. Drawing outside the lines. Saying no or not enough or yes where I want to. Discovering new opportunities. I want to fall in love with my city, my friends, my family, my life yet again.


Kara said...

Great post! And some great inspiration.

Maria Rose said...

Well written! I just love following your blog!

Christine said...

OK first things first- great shoes!!

I always enjoy your introspective posts. Its such a good message to stay open. I'm the first person to say Jane Seymour's open hearts commercial is such cheese, but it is completely true and yet so hard to do.

You would be great at photography! I say go for it. Your unravelling photos could easily be a collection! :) Christine

Anonymous said...


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