Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Little Additions

In my excitement for Dyngus Day and the arboretum, I failed to tell you about the sale I partook of.... oh, how I love Fabricworm. I got these lovely little 1/2 yards last week when they were clearing out the store for their big move. (Excuse the blurry iPhone photo....)
Yeah, the word "sale" gets me every time. But these are great additions to my stash. I particularly love the second one from the bottom for the 70's vibe it gives. Don't you just love new fabric????


Dee said...

I think I love the top one the best. It is very "Lily Pulitzer" in its color.

Maria Rose said...

New fabric puts me into a trance. Congrats on your new finds.

Christine said...

Oh I love! I'm so bummed I can't come on Friday (I forgot about my sister-in-law's birthday dinner). Have fun! :) Christine