Saturday, April 3, 2010

Morris Makes me Wax Poetic

Talk about tickling the senses. I spent this afternoon at Morris Arboretum. I easily get overwhelmed by the exquisiteness of that place. Walking along, the soil squished gently under my feet, a little "welcome to nature" greeting. Everything is so green and lush, a homage to the wet, wet winter and spring we have had. Trees burst with blossoms, a chorus of beauty surrounding me.
I found my favorite spot, on the bench inscribed with "Rest and Be Thankful" under the weeping Katsura tree. The ice tea and sandwich in my purse called for lunch time. I sat with my shoes off and my legs crossed, savoring the light breeze on my back, mesmerized by the warmth of the mid-afternoon sun and the swaying branches of the tree that cocooned me. Closing my eyes, I inhaled the fresh air and let the sounds of the babbling creek, the joyful giggles of children and the chirping of birds wash over me.
Spring bursts forth, tree upon tree awakening from hibernation to greet this season of renewal. All of my senses embrace this dawn like a mother embracing her newborn. I'm grateful to be overcome by this small slice of heaven.


Dee said...

That last picture is exquisite.

I'm sorry to say that in all the years I lived in Philadelphia, I never made it to the arboretum even though I drove past it numerous times.

Gloworks said...

Poetic, indeed! Beautiful words for a beautiful place & experience.

Christine said...

Oh beautiful! I've never been there before :) Christine