Saturday, May 29, 2010

And We Have Crafting!!!

Real, legitimate sewing!! I worked on the Hop Scotch quilt today. Bias tape being added and actual sewing it on tomorrow. Woohoo!!! It's taken over my kitchen table and waiting for the machine to be plugged back in.

And I went and bought the zipper for my dress today. As well as a bunch of other odds and ends at JoAnn's. Seems I can't go in there without buying more than what was on my list.
Rosy and I also took a nice long hike in the woods by my apartment today. There is so much to see right now... and creeks to wade in, chirping birds to listen to, the scurry of the chipmunks to watch, the smell of the canopy of trees and warmth of the sun in the clearing. Pure delight.

Happy weekend friends!

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Anonymous said...

Cute collage. What photo editing do you use?

Glad you had a nice weekend. We are getting some much needed rain!!! Finally!