Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear Comcast, Please Block Etsy. I Love it Too Much.

Oh Etsy, how I adore the tour of loveliness you give me. Really, it should be a blocked site for my Paypal account. This afternoon involved a wee bit of surfing around and these gorgeous little finds:
  • How awesome are these?
  • And this necklace just screams elegance.
  • And this seems like the perfect thing to put on during those 90 degree summer days.
  • And I could totally see this going with a little pink sundress and flip flops.
  • And how delighted would you be to get a postcard like this in the mail?
  • At some point in time, I'm also going to need to buy Vanessa's bracelet pattern.
  • And oh my, the display I'd make with these vintage cards!!
  • And afternoon tea? Yes please!
  • And of course I still need a harmonica necklace. Because that's just fun.
What's your favorite?

1 comment:

carlita dee said...

Cool stuff! I looked at everything.