Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

My mom, my stepsister Carol (a pretty fantastic mom too) and me in March

Dear Mom--

Thanks for being such a great mom.

Thank you for always encouraging me and helping me to think things through.

Thank you for teaching me to read. I still love to do it.

Thanks for teaching me to write thank you notes. They are very important - you were right.

Thanks for helping me move and driving that ridiculous awful UHaul.

Thanks for not killing me when I was 16.

Thank you for bringing home empty worksheet when I was little so I could play "school" (and learn in the process).

Thanks for going on that Welland Canal field trip.

Thanks for not pushing Fredonia too hard when I was looking at colleges. It was the perfect place for me and I might not have found it if you had.

Thanks for stocking the fridge with Dr. Pepper when I come home to visit.

Thank you for nurturing me, even now. I love you.


Dee said...

Sounds like you have a pretty great mom.

Iron Needles said...

A very nice tribute!

I laughed about the Dr. Pepper (or DP, as we call it...). My mother was famous for getting everyone hooked on it. Especially after working in her garden, the reward was a cold DP in a frosty mug.