Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Heat is On (in Philadelphia)

I've been working a bit on my cookbook. I got all of my recipe clippings organized and into the book with plenty of space to add additional items down the road. Seems I have mostly main dishes and desserts. The surprise was they were relatively equal in number. I would have wagered desserts would win. I guess my sweet tooth does not reign as stronger as I suspected.
Rosy and I have been also taking many a jaunt around the neighborhood. Yesterday, she found a nice little girl, a mom and a bouncy ball. For my dog, a bouncy ball might be the best thing in life! Or maybe new people to love her is the best... regardless, it was a fun playtime. With 90 degree days, finding someone who wants to play with her while I rest in the shade = pretty great too.
Tonight, I'm hoping to finally cut out that dress pattern. It's been sitting on the kitchen table, calling my name. And now that the fabric is washed, I can make progress. And also see if I have enough fabric. The joy of buying fabric before the pattern is in hand... sometimes you don't buy enough. We shall see....

Oh, and yesterday I fooled around a bit. See the right hand column if you'd like to follow A Rosy Outlook on Facebook or Twitter.


Dee said...

The heat is on here too. I wish we would get some afternoon storms to cool it down for a little bit.

I'm staying inside and stitching. Well, at least there is one good thing about hot, humid weather.

Laura said...

Have fun with your new fabric and dress pattern! I like your cookbook too. Great idea!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

It is much cooler here right now. Good Luck with the cookbook.