Monday, May 24, 2010

Out Pickin'

On Sunday, my friend Katie and I went strawberry picking. The season is so short that a little bit of misty rain wasn't going to stop us! I'm so glad we went as the berries were just gorgeous. Everything was so red and ripe.
We picked two baskets each and then hunted out some snow peas as well. The poor pea plants were rather picked over so we only picked about one serving per person. Oh, how I adore doing pick your own. I might have to do blueberry, peach and apple season too!
And, of course I came home and made some shortcake to go with my fresh berries. A very yummy dessert ending to my weekend!


Dee said...

Only one thing to stay about those strawberries --- YUM!!!


natalea said...

I love strawberry picking! such fun!
have a great week! xo

Brooke said...

This is the *second* time I've come across strawberry shortcake today! I must make some very soon. Yours looks delicious. :)