Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Rain in Sprain Falls Mostly in... Philadelphia?

Today, my wrist was strong enough that I was able to work out a bit. I foresee yoga in my future. Oh how I miss downward facing dog. And, that means that sewing is in the near future as well. Woohoo!! I really hope I can finish the quilt within the next week or so.
In the meantime, I was able to throw on my rain gear and wander around the neighborhood with Rosy this afternoon. Oh, there is so much loveliness out in my neighborhood right now. I only wish Philly residents were a bit more warm to my hellos when out and about. It's as if friendliness scares them a bit!

And, I mentioned the journal I bought at the Art Star Craft Bazaar last post. Here it is. I've started putting recipes from magazines in. I'm hoping to continue to grow this cookbook for at least a year. Oh, how I love the cover. And the pages inside highlight the heroism of our Community Friends!!


Anonymous said...

Keep being friendly --- eventually the smiles will be returned.

The peony flower will be lovely when it opens up. Looks like it won't be long.

natalea said...

glad your wrist is getting better. i love getting out post-rain and enjoying the beauty of things too. i was noticing all the rain clinging to my flowers just yesterday. hopefully the rain will go away today because I'm walking my students to the waterfront and naval park for a little field trip today!
enjoy your Wednesday, xo natalea

Maria Rose said...

I love rainy walks! I am so glad you're on the mend. Oh, and that book is AWESOME!

Laura said...

I love the journal you picked up and the cookbook idea is fab! Glad your wrist is getting better too!