Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping for Inspiration

Beauty and inspiration go hand in hand. I spent a wee bit of time on Etsy looking at loveliness, soaking in the ideas. I'm loving:
  • This necklace. So small, casual and vintage-y.
  • This gorgeousness. I see it will summer dresses.
  • Ohhh turquoise I like you.
  • I wish they had a Philly version of this beauty. I love it!
  • Ruffles and green... so pretty!
  • This prettiness. Umm, I wish you could feel through the computer.
  • These berry bowls make me smile so...
  • A great vintage (1942!) children's book. I love the pictures!
  • Seriously? I see this in my kitchen. If only I weren't saving money....
  • Wow! I have no where to put this but adore it. What talent the artist has.
I'm feeling increased creative energy. Now, if only I didn't have another six hours of work!


Kara said...

Etsy is a very big distraction when I am at work. Some fun picks!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the fact that you have had a creative surge. Good for you.

Christine said...

Oh I love looking through your Etsy finds! I love the berry bowls and the Little House book (I remember really enjoying that one). :) Christine