Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I love this season. I love the fruits, the veggies, the farmer's markets all over the city, the walks in the woods, the sound of crickets and light from lightning bugs and feel of exposed skin in the sun (with sunscreen of course). It's all so lovely and delicious!
I'm thrilled it is the weekend. Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in a wee bit, make a trip to Target and go to Shakespeare in Clark Park with friends. Sunday is brunch with my oldest friend in the area and this little miss, below, is going to see her hairdresser. She's getting a bit shaggy!
in the cards. And I'm hoping to sneak in a photography session with Estelle. We haven't been out in a while. It might have to be somewhat stationary due to the leg but spending time together is {hopefully} in the cards. What's your weekend look like?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grabbing onto Life

Oh, life has been busy in these parts. Some good, some bad stuff but overall I'm feeling lucky.

I hurt my knee exercising. It's been a bit messed up for over a week which has been limiting. I haven't been able to exercise and even walking Rosy has been a challenge. Tomorrow, I'm going to see the doctor who can hopefully help my knee recuperate.

However, after some pain relievers, I was able to go whitewater rafting with my friend this weekend. We'd have it planned for a little while and I just couldn't not go. The knee didn't hurt at all when I was out there (or later than night). We were up in the Lehigh Valley. They are doing dam releases throughout the summer so it's a good time for rafting. And I had a load of fun!
I also worked briefly on my dress. It's coming along, although one of my longest sewing projects in a while. Too many other fun things demanding attention!

Work has been busy lately too with lots of fun projects. I had a bunch of visitors today, allowing me the fun of hosting people and showing them my campus. Now I'm moving on to stage 2 of the on-going project, involving spreadsheets, rubrics and lots and lots of PDFs (Otherwise known as geeky things that keep me off the streets).

And I'm looking forward to what's ahead.... this weekend, Shakespeare in Clark Park. Next week, staycation with lots of outings with friends. Ahhh, life is good.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Soupy Goodness

Last night, I made tomato basil soup. A colleague had given me some homegrown tomatoes earlier this week and added to them Friday. I adore tomatoes but couldn't eat them fast enough. I found this recipe on the Food Network site but of course went off script a bit. I added a bit of garlic and more basil than the recipe called for. And, since it was in the fridge I threw a little heavy cream in for good measure.
It came out completely delicious! It's creamy and tomato-y with just the right amount of basil. I have about two bowls in the fridge, one of which will be dinner tonight. I can't wait!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hexie Love

I'm jumping into the hexie lovefest going on lately. Yesterday, I cut out a bunch of hexagon papers so I can baste some over the next couple of days. I did a few last night in Good Folks actually and am coming up with the perfect project.

I also spent some time brainstorming a project I'm working on. It's not anywhere close to reveal yet but I am loving the creative process of thinking about it, dreaming of possibilities.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Fun FO

I got inspired to do a little slow summer stitching (flickr group) by Beki. A month or two ago, she encouraged everyone to get in on the action through her blog. It took me a little while but her beautiful projects inspired me to jump on in. I'm so glad I did! This was a fun, relaxed project.
I bought two tanks at Target for $5 each. I already had some floss and needles so I merely needed to decide on a design, sketch something out, and get stitching. I determined a simple flower was the best design for my first project. I hand sketched it. It worked out fine but I think I'd make a freezer paper outline in the future, just to make it a bit easier. Plus, I hadn't really worked everything out in my mind, thus the random heart on the left of the flower. I made it work but with a template, it probably wouldn't have ended up there.

Overall, the project came out great and I enjoyed stitching it. And - bonus - I think I will even wear the final result.

Friday, July 16, 2010

8 Things I Need To Do

More of:
  1. Yoga: I've fallen off the bandwagon... must get back on.
  2. Sewing. My attention has been elsewhere but I need to refocus.
  3. Evaluating what I eat. There is too much refined sugar. And although I eat a lot of fruit and veggies, I could do even better.
  4. Leaving work earlier. We're on summer hours but I don't always leave that little bit early.
  5. Adventures. There are things I'd like to do and I need to make them a reality.
  6. Appreciating, exploring and loving my strengths.
  7. Sitting quietly with my thoughts.
  8. Tracking my money.
Less of:
  1. Spend less time with people who don't make me better or happier.
  2. Comparing myself to others.
  3. Worrying. About life. And love. And what people think.
  4. Thinking about work stuff.
  5. Taking things personally. Thank you Don Miguel Ruiz.
  6. Drinking Dr. Pepper. I don't drink more than one can a day but I'd like to make that even less.
  7. Watching mindless TV.
  8. Allowing the whispers of my guilt pile of books to get to me.

And some other things....

The new blog is coming along. I like the positivity it is adding in my life.

Did you know that Maria is having a week of contests? Awesome prizes too... scurry on over there. And wish her a happy 1000 post... it's right around the corner!

Tomorrow, we're doing outdoor movie night in my apartment complex. We're watching The Incredibles and people are making popcorn and other treats. Of course, I'm part of the planning team because that is how I roll.... should be fun!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Channeling Your Beauty Live

Well, I did it! I launched a body image/self-esteem blog over on Tumblr. I've been writing and posting all sorts of stuff for about a week. So it's still pretty young. I have to say, adding such positivity to the world - even if only in written form - makes me smile something fierce. I only hope my message helps at least one person re-frame things for him or herself. Anywho, check it out if you have a chance. And feel free to send me any topics you think should be covered. I'm open to everything!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keeping me in Stitches

Woot, woot! Last night, I finally laid out my dress pattern and pinned it down to the fabric. Then I got too hot in the kitchen and needed to head to another room. So tonight I anticipate cutting things out. Then, I'll probably be hot again. (You know, this 100+ degree F days can depart at any time.... just saying.) But it feels good to be making progress and doing something sewing related. It really has been a while, hasn't it?

And have I said how much I'm loving this fabric? It's so bright and cheerful. Just looking at it makes me smile.
I'm also working on a slow stitching project. I drew the design - which I'm not totally loving - last night. I like the flower. I just wish I hadn't added the heart. So, who knows, it might become something else. I'm going to stitch and see.... It might grow on me.
Oh crafting, I heart you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photos Over Sewing

I had hoped to work on my dress this weekend. In fact, I was all geared up for some pinning and cutting yesterday. And then I woke up with a headache. So no crafting was accomplished. Instead, I napped most of the day and watched Law and Order. (Oh, how I miss Lennie Briscoe.) However, I did manage to fit in some time with Estelle. I am slowly teaching myself different features. This weekend was black and white weekend.
I really adore black and white photos. It probably is, in part, due to my love of retro things. However, I think it invokes a certain emotion that you might not get from a color photo. I shot in color and black and white just to be able to compare photos a little bit. And I think I might implement a self-lesson a week to help me master things a bit.

Anywho, I like the one of myself that is above and this one of the angel in my building's courtyard, below. I actually ordered prints of the angel, as I'm pretty sure a friend would enjoy the photo as well.
Since my headache disappeared late last night, I'm hoping to proceed with some sewing tonight. Gotta get this summer dress completed before the season is over!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Time with Estelle

I spent some time playing with Estelle today, both outside and in. Goodness, she's a delight. More soon!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Positivity Abounds

My fabric basket is overflowing. This weekend I need to work on my new dress. I love the fabric and could see it being a summer favorite. I just need to sew it! And then I do have some quilt tops swirling around in my brain. I'd like to make something picnic/Shakespeare in the Park worthy. Summer sewing, I'll be right there!
I've also been thinking a lot about body image. I think I'm going to be launching a new blog, with guest bloggers periodically, to discuss body image. I've been confronted lately with people ragging on parts of their body or companies sending negative messages to women. As I witness that more and more, I feel a need to be part of a positive conversation.

Creatively, I've been writing. In part for the 21.5.800 yoga project and part to get out thoughts. The other day, merely looking outside at the rainy, windy day inspired me to write for a wee bit. So deliciously good! Look back for some of those creative thoughts in the near future...

I'm also contemplating this class, run by an Unravelling friend. Heather is a pretty amazing woman and I'm so impressed she is working to make this class - a dream of hers - a reality. And I'm pretty sure it will be an amazing 5 weeks.

Oh summer, thank you for the energy and ability to make things happen in my life! You are such a welcome break from the craziness that is life during the academic year.