Friday, July 16, 2010

8 Things I Need To Do

More of:
  1. Yoga: I've fallen off the bandwagon... must get back on.
  2. Sewing. My attention has been elsewhere but I need to refocus.
  3. Evaluating what I eat. There is too much refined sugar. And although I eat a lot of fruit and veggies, I could do even better.
  4. Leaving work earlier. We're on summer hours but I don't always leave that little bit early.
  5. Adventures. There are things I'd like to do and I need to make them a reality.
  6. Appreciating, exploring and loving my strengths.
  7. Sitting quietly with my thoughts.
  8. Tracking my money.
Less of:
  1. Spend less time with people who don't make me better or happier.
  2. Comparing myself to others.
  3. Worrying. About life. And love. And what people think.
  4. Thinking about work stuff.
  5. Taking things personally. Thank you Don Miguel Ruiz.
  6. Drinking Dr. Pepper. I don't drink more than one can a day but I'd like to make that even less.
  7. Watching mindless TV.
  8. Allowing the whispers of my guilt pile of books to get to me.

And some other things....

The new blog is coming along. I like the positivity it is adding in my life.

Did you know that Maria is having a week of contests? Awesome prizes too... scurry on over there. And wish her a happy 1000 post... it's right around the corner!

Tomorrow, we're doing outdoor movie night in my apartment complex. We're watching The Incredibles and people are making popcorn and other treats. Of course, I'm part of the planning team because that is how I roll.... should be fun!


Laura said...

I have also fallen off the yoga bandwagon and need to get back on! Just reading Yoga Journal makes me crave the practice! I, too, make myself feel guilty looking at my to-read pile. Let me know when you come up with solutions to these dilemmas! LOL

The Frat Pack + Me said...

cool! I love reading lists.

Maria Rose said...

Thank you!