Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Fun FO

I got inspired to do a little slow summer stitching (flickr group) by Beki. A month or two ago, she encouraged everyone to get in on the action through her blog. It took me a little while but her beautiful projects inspired me to jump on in. I'm so glad I did! This was a fun, relaxed project.
I bought two tanks at Target for $5 each. I already had some floss and needles so I merely needed to decide on a design, sketch something out, and get stitching. I determined a simple flower was the best design for my first project. I hand sketched it. It worked out fine but I think I'd make a freezer paper outline in the future, just to make it a bit easier. Plus, I hadn't really worked everything out in my mind, thus the random heart on the left of the flower. I made it work but with a template, it probably wouldn't have ended up there.

Overall, the project came out great and I enjoyed stitching it. And - bonus - I think I will even wear the final result.


Maria Rose said...

Cool and very fun project. I might try something for Cordelia...after all of the thesis drafting is over.

Kara said...

Very cute idea! And I love the new look of your blog.

gloworks said...

Now I know what you mean by slow sewing. Looks cute!