Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grabbing onto Life

Oh, life has been busy in these parts. Some good, some bad stuff but overall I'm feeling lucky.

I hurt my knee exercising. It's been a bit messed up for over a week which has been limiting. I haven't been able to exercise and even walking Rosy has been a challenge. Tomorrow, I'm going to see the doctor who can hopefully help my knee recuperate.

However, after some pain relievers, I was able to go whitewater rafting with my friend this weekend. We'd have it planned for a little while and I just couldn't not go. The knee didn't hurt at all when I was out there (or later than night). We were up in the Lehigh Valley. They are doing dam releases throughout the summer so it's a good time for rafting. And I had a load of fun!
I also worked briefly on my dress. It's coming along, although one of my longest sewing projects in a while. Too many other fun things demanding attention!

Work has been busy lately too with lots of fun projects. I had a bunch of visitors today, allowing me the fun of hosting people and showing them my campus. Now I'm moving on to stage 2 of the on-going project, involving spreadsheets, rubrics and lots and lots of PDFs (Otherwise known as geeky things that keep me off the streets).

And I'm looking forward to what's ahead.... this weekend, Shakespeare in Clark Park. Next week, staycation with lots of outings with friends. Ahhh, life is good.


natalea said...

aaahhh! rafting! how fun! glad you are enjoying the summmer. hope your knee gets better!
happy it up!
xo natalea

rafting cagayan de oro said...

Wow! is there any guy in the raft? you girls are really tough!^_^.. i was amazed to you girls go on rafting. that's impressive.

Maria Rose said...

Ha ha I love that you are having difficulty walking Rosie, yet you go rafting! I think you're a little bit awesome.
I do hope the doctor is able to get you back into knee flexing shape in no time!