Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keeping me in Stitches

Woot, woot! Last night, I finally laid out my dress pattern and pinned it down to the fabric. Then I got too hot in the kitchen and needed to head to another room. So tonight I anticipate cutting things out. Then, I'll probably be hot again. (You know, this 100+ degree F days can depart at any time.... just saying.) But it feels good to be making progress and doing something sewing related. It really has been a while, hasn't it?

And have I said how much I'm loving this fabric? It's so bright and cheerful. Just looking at it makes me smile.
I'm also working on a slow stitching project. I drew the design - which I'm not totally loving - last night. I like the flower. I just wish I hadn't added the heart. So, who knows, it might become something else. I'm going to stitch and see.... It might grow on me.
Oh crafting, I heart you.


Maria Rose said...

Yay for projects! Do you have a/c in the hot hot heat?

Christine said...

Do you have AC? Its been so ridiculous!

I can't wait to see the dress!!! :) Christine