Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photos Over Sewing

I had hoped to work on my dress this weekend. In fact, I was all geared up for some pinning and cutting yesterday. And then I woke up with a headache. So no crafting was accomplished. Instead, I napped most of the day and watched Law and Order. (Oh, how I miss Lennie Briscoe.) However, I did manage to fit in some time with Estelle. I am slowly teaching myself different features. This weekend was black and white weekend.
I really adore black and white photos. It probably is, in part, due to my love of retro things. However, I think it invokes a certain emotion that you might not get from a color photo. I shot in color and black and white just to be able to compare photos a little bit. And I think I might implement a self-lesson a week to help me master things a bit.

Anywho, I like the one of myself that is above and this one of the angel in my building's courtyard, below. I actually ordered prints of the angel, as I'm pretty sure a friend would enjoy the photo as well.
Since my headache disappeared late last night, I'm hoping to proceed with some sewing tonight. Gotta get this summer dress completed before the season is over!


Dee said...

What a sweet picture of the angel.

I think your friend will LOVE it.

Betty Thompson said...

Oh my... these two photo's are fantastic, especially the self portrait the lighting is just perfect so bright & clear. Have fun!